Programs and Events

Enrichment and educational opportunities through ZeroZero include camps, clinics, events, counseling and professional development.

Rally Camp

Rally Camp’s goal is to introduce children to the structure, values and social engagement opportunities within a world in which they instinctively feel comfortable — play. We hope to create an experience of competition through a lens that isn’t focused directly on winning and losing but on the passion for playing. After all, a child will never be passionate about a career path in sports if they aren’t first intrigued by the concept of play IN sports.


Rally Sport

Rally Sport will host one clinic per month, each focusing on one sport at a time and covering six different sports over the year. Rally Sport will serve as an opportunity for kids to expand their experience and skill in a specific sport in greater detail than the Rally Camp experience.

2022 - 2023 Schedule
August - PAT Breakfast
September - Baseball
October - Tennis
November - Golf
December - PAT Dinner
January - Volleyball & Birmingham Squadron Experience
February - Lacrosse
March - Basketball & PAT Event
April - TBD
May - Football
June - Soccer
July - Golf


ZeroZero Experiences

Our ZeroZero Experiences give our children the opportunity to learn about careers in sports first handedly from current sports professionals that are working in and around the game. Each experience will be specific to the organization and group of children we partner with on the enrichment program. The goal is to inspire children through the lens of athletic competition and provide them with a well-rounded perspective on the sports economy surrounding the athletic competition and various career opportunities.

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PAT Meetings

Once every three months, ZeroZero hosts a PAT meeting for all of our participating families. During this meeting, we take time to discover each of our kids' passions, aptitudes and talents - hence P.A.T.!  Each child will be paired up with a volunteer to go through a short questionnaire to guide them through discovering those three things. We will serve a meal during this meeting and have time for fellowship, so it’s always a fun time. ZeroZero is proud to dedicate time, resources and funds to your child every year, in addition to setting aside dollars for your childs’ future. All we ask in return is commitment to our program, which simply looks like taking time to attend these PAT meetings.

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